Posted by: John | March 15, 2010

Incredible hypocrisy from the Tories

Someone uploaded a begging letter from David Cameron to the `straight choice` website.

It’s utterly breathtaking. On the one hand they say they’re going to change Britain – on the other they ask for:

£167 a month – to become a `team 2000` donor – for this you receive the opportunity to hear the policies for Government first hand from the Leader and Shadow Cabinet through a lively programme of drinks receptions, dinner and discussion groups.

Er, what happened to the idea of localism and giving Parliament first hearing of any announcements? Will the donors be sworn to secrecy?

If not, Tory donors are more gullible than I thought.

Or you could pay  £417 a month (a snip!) to become a member of the `Frontbench Club` and you’ll have an opportunity to meet and debate with Frontbench shadow ministers at political lunches and receptions throughout the year.

Wow! All for £5k a year! One wonders whether the donors would be better debaters than the Shadow Cabinet!


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