Posted by: John | March 14, 2010

Trouble in Tameside: did Labour fail David Askew?

According to Mark Pack there’s a lot of skullduggery going on to do with the Labour PPCship in Stalybridge & Hyde now that James Purnell is stepping down.

What’s even worse is that it all centres on one ward, Longdendale. Both Jonny Reynolds and Sean Parker-Perry are Longdendale Ward Cllrs (as is Roy Oldham, Leader of the Council).

While all this plotting and intrigue has been going on in the very same ward this has gone on. If you can’t stomach the Mail – here’s the Independent and Guardian.

Yet in Stockport (and other Councils where they don’t hold a majority) Labour moan and groan about the Lib Dems. They  smear the Lib Dems as being `soft on crime and Anti-Social Behaviour` despite the Council doing things like this.

Then what do you expect? The very top of Tameside Labour seems rotten to the core with people knifing each other in the back (what on earth are they like to their enemies?) while the very people they are supposed to protect get tormented and harassed to breaking point. Bear in mind Hattersley is an area with LABOUR Cllrs, a LABOUR Council under a LABOUR Government.

At the end of the day it’s all about POLITICAL WILL. I know I used to be a Cllr that dealt with a much more minor case. It’s about all agencies pulling together to be on the side of the vulnerable and the ordinary citizen and the systems in place to create an effective resolution.

In the Askew case was there a local political will to work EFFECTIVELY with the Police to sort it out or were the local Cllrs devoting all their energies into climbing up the greasy political pole?

PS – a few years ago Stockport Labour cajoled the Council to do a report on the fact that headstones of graves were pushed over by Council workers. Although no one was killed distressed was caused and wrongs were corrected. I take it the Labour Cllrs in Stockport and Tameside will be demanding a similar inquiry into the manslaughter of David Askew? Nah, didn’t think so.


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