Posted by: John | February 24, 2010

Janet Daley gushes over Palin

Just listening to Janet Daley (the thinking man’s Melanie Phillips) on yesterday’s `Woman’s Hour`. You can almost hear her trying to restrain her blushes.

She enthused over Sarah Palin’s use of sarcasm – you know the ending of her sentences like `I’d like to say to all those people who were supporters of the current administration, how’s that going`.

I’d like to ask Janet Daley `you’re pronouncement 14 months ago that John McCain has done a masterstroke in picking Sarah Palin and he’s going to win – how’s that going?`

Why on earth do we listen to people like Janet Daley? Why does the BBC  put them on? It’s not her politics for me as that should have representation on the BBC – it’s the fact that these people make monumental cock-ups and still get put back on.


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