Posted by: John | February 21, 2010

The figures don’t add up

I have a theory about Labour. The more unpopular they get – or rather the more their intelligent members understand what’s going on and the ramifications for the GE – the less likely they are to attract quality candidates for local Council level. Yes sure you can find some bright sparks in the safe wards but go to hard to gain wards (that often are places they used to hold) and the quality goes down.

Purnell deciding to quit is actually quite iconic. Whatever you think of him he did have a brain and ideas. The fact that he’s thrown in the towel (in a relatively safe seat) speaks volumes about how a large section of Labour view their coming prospects.

Where Lib Dems really work hard and deliver Labour are finding it difficult to find what I would term a good quality candidates.

In Stockport they have one person who was their candidate for a number of years who doesn’t know the difference between a quarter of a whole park and a quarter of one percent of a whole park! (to do with a planning application for a new car park to assist those with medical conditions and the disabled to access it). She has now come back to say `it’s not the size that matters when it comes to the car park`. Nice try.

I hear in Rochdale they have a local leader that doesn’t understand the difference between £100,000 and £11,000.

And we wonder why the Economy’s in such a mess!

The postings literally write themselves.


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