Posted by: John | February 20, 2010

Complaint to BBC about `Skidelsky letter`

I have sent another complaint about the lazy journalism of the BBC (reflected elsewhere in the media) concerning their reporting of the Skidelsky letter.


I feel that the whole issue of the Lord Skidelsky/60 economists letter was one of bias and dumbing down by the BBC.

The BBC reported that the letter backed Government plans yet didn’t mention the Liberal Democrats who agree with the main idea yet have very different priorities.

I have re-read the letter and it didn’t mention the words `Labour` or `Government`. It was simply a letter against Conservative plans.

Surely the argument isn’t just about when to cut spending but what?

We are now in election year (officially Parliamentary agents have to itemise all expenditure and one of the big parties has `started the firing gun`). Surely, that demands equality of airtime and a more finessed reporting.

Why doesn’t the BBC drill down deeper on the Economy (not just a soundbite from Vince Cable) but slightly more in-depth analysis (ie the differences between the THREE parties (for the Lib Dems `no like for like for Trident` etc) as to the WHAT and not just the WHEN)



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