Posted by: John | February 15, 2010

Mark Reckons: I agree and disagree

Having looked at various blogs today about the Tory howler regarding teenage pregnancies I completely agree with Mark Reckons about his description of the complete casualness of the Tory research. He mentions about articles in the Economist and I’m sure high-minded people have shaken their head in disbelief.

The problem is that NONE OF THIS IS GETTING OUT TO THE ORDINARY VOTERS. On Today programme this morning was a whole item on the Conservative proposals about allowing public sector units manage themselves on a not-for-profit basis (which ties in with their schools policy). Was a killer question asked about this? Not on your nelly. Airbrushed Cameronism isn’t properly challenged and the third narrative is completely missing (except when discussing PROCESS POLITICS and not issues).

I will be sending another complaint to the BBC about the Today programme. I’m sick of having our party sidelined by `process questions`when we have distinctive policy positions. The BBC might feel it easier to have a binary knockabout – but they’ll get a hard time from me. I’m on the warpath again.



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