Posted by: John | February 10, 2010

Eurovision 2010: tips for the top

So here it begins. The time of year when we sort the wheat from the chaff via the National finals. I’m going to do that so you don’t have to!

Chanee & N'Evergreen - a tip for the top at Eurovision

First tip for the top ten is a girl/boy duo from Denmark. The Eurovision do a few good things well one of which is to take derivative styles (whether they were introduced on Eurovision or not) and twist them into something slightly different.

Chanee and N’Evergreen – a girl/boy duo in a confident performance do just that – mix a Police bassline add an Abba chorus in a kind of boyzone  stylee and you get `In a moment like this`


  1. I see your back on Eurovision. Let me know how it goes.


    • I sometimes feel I’m falling out of love with it! Then it all `comes back to me now`

  2. […] You may remember I introduced the Danish entry as my tip for the top ten. […]

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