Posted by: John | February 5, 2010

QT: My letter to the BBC

Following Stephen Glenn’s excellent letter I decided to send one of my own. I note others have put their points too.

Here is the text:

In today’s Question Time all five speakers were either conservative-aligned or are or had been Labour MPs. There was no Liberal Democrat representation. Indeed, I made an earlier complaint about Jo Swinson being dropped on a programme last year on which programme sat Melanie Phillips. She appeared again this week. Does she have a contract?

In an earlier response you said `We have to keep a constant editorial eye out for the best possible panel and this can of course mean last-minute alterations. To ensure the widest range of political views are heard there are occasions across the series when nationalists or minority parties are invited onto the panel.”

How did that apply to this weeks panel when Iraq and expenses were hot topics?

Balance at election time (expenses have already started for candidates at the General Election and one of the parties has in its own words `started the firing gun`) is about the one decision that people have to make – where to put the `x` in the box. That means POLITICAL PARTIES the Liberal Democrats being a major force.

Philosophical niceties I’ve had in your past responses like `a Liberal was on the panel in the form of Marcus Brigstocke` or even `Nick Clegg was on Hard Talk` don’t cut it as it’s less exposure for a national party the Liberal Democrats who have a third COMPETING narrative in Politics.

Since we have had week after week of `left-aligned` and `right-aligned` commentators/intellectuals I think it’s only fair that now we have a QT with one MP AND a Lib Dem-aligned commentator/intellectual.

Please when you respond can you answer that suggestion.

I will blog the reply



  1. An excellent letter. Good job.

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