Posted by: John | January 26, 2010

Labour fraud – `the Lib Dems can’t win here – (they only have a Lib Dem MP)`

Ok here we go – what’s the need for barcharts when Lucy Powell the Labour candidate in Manchester Withington states `the Lib Dems cannot win here` when a) there are mostly Lib Dem Cllrs and b) there’s a Lib Dem MP!

Of course, when you’ve presided over a huge recession and can’t answer basic questions about  your own future cuts (should you be re-elected) all you have left is `fear of the bogeyman`.

She deserves to lose badly and Labour to be fully kicked out.



  1. […] unsurprisingly, it looks like the Lib Dems don’t like it when someone uses similar logic on a national scale! I wish the lot of them would stop going on about who can’t win and start spending a little […]

  2. You simply don’t understand the system – the system IS that you go by constituency and NOT `who do you want for the Country`. Labour and the Conservatives want to ride both horses depending on what serves them best.

    In this case the Lib Dems have most of the Cllrs and the MP!

  3. Yes, this is simply another attempt to confuse.

    I had a voter on the doorstep the other day who said he was voting Tory, and I explained that he lived in a Lib Dem-Labour marginal, one of the closest in the country. He said, “I don’t care who my local MP is, I just want David Cameron to win.” I had another go, telling him that they don’t add up all the votes to determine who is Prime Minister, they add up all the MPs who are elected. The only people who can actually voted for David Cameron live in Oxfordshire. It made no difference.

    So, he will wake up on the Friday after the election with either a Lib Dem MP or a Labour one, and nothing he can do will help David Cameron one iota.

    The moral of this story is: years of self-serving national focus by the Tories and Labour can be very hard to displace. However, the moral of other stories is that millions of voters have been empowered to change their MP by being better informed about their own constituency.

  4. @Derek

    If Chris Huhne turned up on my doorstep, I would be very disappointed if the only reason he can come up with for me to vote for him is which other parties can or cannot win based on past performance. If someone is on the ballot paper, they can win. Telling me otherwise just gets on my nerves when you could me telling me about all the great things you’ll be doing if you get elected. Obviously that goes for all parties.

    • @jt

      “If someone is on the ballot paper, they can win”. In theory, yes: in practice, no. The Natural Law Party was on (almost) every ballot paper in the country in 1992: they saved their deposit in only one seat. The same goes for the Jury Team, the Socialist Labour Party, and the Monster Raving Loonies.

      There are over 300 constituencies which haven’t changed hands from one party to another in forty years. Yet many people vote purely on the national picture, irrespective of the local circumstances. This may make their vote less effective. For as long as there is a voting system which gives people only one preference, surely people have the right to decide for themselves if the relative strength of the parties in an area bears on their vote. And in most cases, if the local Liberal Democrats don’t tell the voters this information, no-one else is going to.

      • @Derek

        Sure, some candidates might have more chance than others but that’s the voters job to decide. If enough people in the constituency where the voter wanted ‘David Cameron to win’ ignored past results and really wanted to get rid of the current government, the Lib Dems would not win by your own logic- you can’t win. You might, understandably, want people to vote on local issues, and it’s true that they cannot vote for David Cameron directly, but it is their only chance to influence who runs the country. There are local elections for local issues.
        Please spend more time campaigning on the positive things Lib Dems can do for local people and the country, and less time telling people who’s going to win. It’s about time the Lib Dems made more of an effort to look like serious contenders and, to do that, you need people to believe that voting for you is not a wasted vote in any constituency.
        It’s no wonder people have lost interest in voting if the results are known before the election has even been called! Sure, I understand you want to motivate your supporters to vote if the results are going to be close, and I’m quite sure every party would do the same, but try not to make it quite so negative, and don’t complain when other people do the same.

  5. Perhaps you ought to tell the Conservative team here in Stockport who in one ward where the Conservatives came third on about 10% are saying the `Lib Dems can’t win here`.

    I’m complaining because it’s being done where the Lib Dems have the Council and are clearly in 2nd place in Liverpool Wavertree. It’s also being done in Manchester Withington where the majority of the Council seats and the MP is Lib Dem!

    I mean try to be logical!

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