Posted by: John | January 26, 2010

Complaint to BBC about lack of Vince Cable on R4 news

Sent today:

On the 12 o’clock R4 news bulletin there was an interview with Alastair Darling and George Osborne yet none from Vince Cable.

Given that expenses are in operation for the General Election and that one of the parties `started the firing gun` earlier in January I believe it is only right that at each news item has the three main parties are invited to give input.

Please can you tell me why this did not happen?

Vince Cable would have added value and give the Lib Dem different narrative on this vital subject.

Please send complaints to BBC every time you see this sort of bias.



  1. I have heard Vince Cable twice on Radio 4 today as he is so beloved by bbc radio 4.

  2. He is the shadow chancellor for the Lib Dems so needs to have the interview on every time there’s one for the Lab/con

  3. Just thought I’d let you know – I’m usually more shy than you about making official complaints, but this one really ticked me off:

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