Posted by: John | January 20, 2010

America is dead to me

Now that Mass has fallen all my hopes about that country have gone.

I don’t want to pay the extra for traveller’s health insurance

I don’t want to pay extra taxes for travellers

I don’t want to have the indignity of the TSA (especially for transit flights)

I don’t want to patronise the country at all either over there or domestically

In fact I’m fed up of worrying about them.

I prefer to go somewhere cheap and interesting and if anything happens to me to have insurance that might airlift me somewhere else.



  1. Zimbabwe’s cheap, interesting & full of politicians at least as corrupt as Kennedy, Venezeula is heading that way. Good luck.

  2. I was thinking more of hanging out with the Albanian Kosovans – along with the Muslim Bosnians – we helped them a lot with their problems so might like to go there.

  3. Indeed – just tell them that as a Liberal Democrat you were a keen supporter of genocide, dissecting people & child sex slavery & I’m sure they will show what grateful people these simple drug lords are.

    I can see why you are so disgusted at a popular movement for real classic liberalism in the US.

  4. lol – why don’t you emigrate there and see how much it costs you in healthcare

    You’re so hang up about one single issue have you seen a shrink?

  5. I assume the “one single isue” you refer to is the fact that you personally, along with every other member of the LibFems is undeniably guilty of participating in crimes worse than Hitler’s.

    WHile that may be the only thing I sday that could ever be of interest to you azis if you had the remotest knowledge of what you were writing about you would know that is merely a small part of what I have said.

    In fact, as anybody can see it is you, not I who brought that subject up here.

    Tell you what – you were the one who first suggested migrating to Kosovo – when you have done so for 6 months you may be in a position to put your illiberal “why don’t you go there” argument credibly.

    Meanwhile it remains a fact that the USA is more prosperous, free & law abiding than the socialist/gangster regimes you so admire & will be yet moreso when Sarah Palin is President. & the corrupt pork barellers the LibDims so aspire to are gone.

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