Posted by: John | January 18, 2010

Electoral politics is largely about `resisting the Lib Dems`

For a Party that Red/Blue campaigners say `can’t win` a hell of a lot of effort is expended by them in talking down the Lib Dems – of course using a corrupt and abusive system in an attempt to constantly `squeeze us out`.

The conundrum is that General Elections in this country have, according to neutral election guru Prof John Curtice, been decided  by 4% of voters. These people are very `middle England` with rather banal political attitudes and I suppose a defence of the system would be that they were like a `jury` representing other people.

In a sense the Lib Dems are at once a punching bag/buffer zone/think tank that are used by the other two parties for very concious bullying/lovebombing (itself a bit abusive) efforts or more interestingly unconcious realisations of the need to address the issues of the swing voters when they are perceived of being `too extreme`.

It used to be that `The tories are the party of yesterday’s ideas, Labour of today’s and the Lib Dems of tomorrow` it’s no wonder they are fascinated by us. Now it seems as if the Tories are the party of `back to the future`, Labour of the past and us of today AND tomorrow.

It seems that when it comes to our party they have `nationalised the abuse and negativity and privatised the losses`. Head you lose, Tails you lose.


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