Posted by: John | January 17, 2010

Shaking the establishment’s cage is tough and demanding

I want to put a theory to you.

That theory is that there are two historical `establishment structures` in British society derived from old-fashioned duopolist thinking.

The first revolves around wealth and corporate interests that militate against `big government` as that is a competitor of its own interests. In fact it’s not in itself interested in Government (and wishes to casually weaken it) and has allies in high church and moral authoritarian interests.

The second involves a whole industry of officialdom and bureaucrats and other advisors with their own interests or who think they know what’s good for the `little people`.

Rather like two great facing `Twin towers` they stand huge and immense  omnipotent mega-structures fighting and vying with each other for supremacy incorporated in two opposing political forces – these wasted intellectual energies creating a world that never really learns from its mistakes – or if it does inefficiently slows that process down.

Thus there are wars with no exit strategies, banks  that fail, housing bubbles that burst or should never have happened and the list goes on – all because there are only two competing interest groups that lock out the ordinary person feathering their own nests by manipulation, self-interest in a duopolistic wrestle for survival. The things they daren’t lose are power and face!

As we rattle the giant scaffolding of those two, sometimes overlapping, super-structures we face more resistance from those that can’t think outside of that duopolistic box or those that daren’t allow us to try.

That’s why we need to keep on repeating the mantra to the other two parties – If competition is so good why don’t you allow it in the political marketplace?

My view is that we are not just battling against economic and political interests – but the psychological interests that lies as an electrical fog over the two super-structures.

Rather like any `minority` group that does no wrong – we have to puncture their myths and battle even harder than them.

It’s my belief that this party has  suffered at the hands of an abusive system, been put  down and discriminated against by bullying behaviour or had our self-esteem knocked through the patronising trivialisation of our case.

And after all this we still come up smiling facing our aggressors with an intelligent (and historically inherited) wisdom way beyond  our 21 years – with  dreams in our heads and leaflets in our hands.

So when we are battling the myths in our target seats  – or facing those that would deny us our opportunities remember this:

When they say `we can’t win` – just say `yes we can`and work even harder to gain those votes – the more you try the more ordinary people like it

When they try to shut us out of political debate ask them why by employing our our own hard-thought through policies

When they try and belittle us state our achievements

And when they treat us patronisingly by diverting us to speaking about the less serious issues insist on stepping up to the plate by talking about the main issues that affect every one of us.

Remember, these are your RIGHTS, your DUTIES and your FUTURES.

Never give them up – always speak up for them and never stop fighting.


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