Posted by: John | January 16, 2010

Shappi Khorsandi can go to hell

Oh and that goes for all the other unimaginative Labour luvvies that pretend to be oh so open-minded yet really just want to lick power’s arse. They’re going to get a rude awakening, I can tell you, in May/June.

On they are wheeled or even volunteer to spout old-fashioned crap whether it’s the imbecile David Tennant who doesn’t understand politics ie there are THREE parties you jerk and perhaps wants to let in the Tories in places like Kingston OR the `good money after bad` Eddie Izzard who’ll be crying in his soup after the Manchester Withington count or the worst of the lot SHAPPI KHORSANDI.

She had the temerity to say on QT (as a `neutral panelist` well `Independent Labour`) to Chris Huhne over Iraq `you’d have done the same if you were in power`. How the FUCK do you work that one out you idiot – did Walworth Road feed you that line or are you just so uncomfortable in your political identity as to be automatically extremely defensive as to be implausible.

The real question is why the QT producers allow these numbskulls to appear week in week out. This week they had TWO TORIES and TWO LABOURITES – CHRIS HUHNE made mincemeat of two of them (Hain and Khorsandi) – Kelvin was at least erudite (though was licking Cameron’s arse like it was going out of fashion) and Ken Clarke was being Ken.

When will the Lib Dem aligned intellectuals (Boycott? Young? Littlewood?) hell anyone get a look in?


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