Posted by: John | January 15, 2010

When will QT have two Lib Dem panellists?

Chris Huhne was excellent as ever on QT and he wasn’t that disadvantaged by having to cope with two Labour and two Tory panellists. When will there be two Lib Dem panellists to make up for the weeks we’ve had two panellists from the red/blue parties?

There are many intellectuals, bloggers and even a few thinking celebs who would happily grace the QT studios.

In reference to my earlier post I was told `it’s alright about lack of Lib Dem represenatives on the Today prog because Nick Clegg was on Hardtalk` ignoring the massive differences in audience figures between the two shows.

It’s about time Cowley St insisted on two Lib Dems for one of the QT panels. Looks like I’ll be sending another complaint in.


  1. I’m puzzled. Is Kelvin McKenzie supposed to be the Tory stooge, and Shappi Khorsandi that of Labour? It seems to follow standard practice of having a guest from the ‘left’ and a guest from the ‘right’ – neither of them, to my knowledge, have any party alliegance (indeed, McKenzie ran as an Independent in a local election recently), and Khorsandi is best known as a mildly amusing comedienne.

    • McKenzie is hardly not going to vote Tory at the next GE – indeed he praised Cameron on many points – Shappi Khorsandi was more specific saying about the `snow coup` that she felt sorry about it as a Labour supporter.

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