Posted by: John | January 13, 2010

Will the Tories play the `Gay card`?

We all know that David Cameron says the Conservatives have changed. Here’s a chance to prove it.

Nick Clegg `came out` with a set of proposals on LGBT rights that set the Lib Dems apart from the Conservatives and even Labour. This is timely considering the personal debacle of the Robinsons.

I wonder if or when the first Conservative letter to faith school governors and parents will be sent `under the radar like` in marginal constituencies. It’s a dilemma for Dave – does he play the `Gay card` or not?

Does he opt for parents using teachers as proxies to tell their kids `Gays aren’t good` or will he free up thoughts so that individuals can find support and self-esteem so that they won’t have to go through the sort of hell most other LGBT people did in earlier days. I know I was there.

It’s about conformity vs individuality – the powerful vs the powerless.

It’s about Liberalism vs Conformist Conservatism.


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