Posted by: John | January 13, 2010

Tomasz Schafernaker TOPLESS

Since everyone’s lusting after him on OUTeverywhere (LGBT social networking site) I thought I might put his pic on my blog.

Tomasz Schafernaker half-naked I mean topless

Please bear in mind this is totally unconnected to the fact that ratings on this blog went through the roof when I posted about the same mag inviting Kirk Mcambley to be a Gay pin-up boy.

Nor is it done because I fancy the arse off Tomasz – oh no!

Have I got that clear – what do you mean Cllr Iain you don’t believe me!



    NICCE!!! 🙂

  2. I’m predicting a hot front moving up from the South…


  3. Thank you, at long last we have a closer look at Tomasz… Now can we have him in tight fitting lighter shorts? ;))

    • He is quite big down there after all….

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