Posted by: John | January 13, 2010

Are Labour scared of Newcastle?

One of the brightest stars in the Lib Dem firmament is Newcastle Council. It spells out that we can be excellent in Local Government, can control one of Britain’s biggest cities, compete with Labour and eventually it will have to happen that we win one of the Parliamentary seats.

It’s a toxic brew for Labour – the last thing they want is the party opening up a Parliamentary force in the urban NE.

That’s why they got their Tory friends to spill the beans about the offensive statements by Greg Stone.

That’s why they’re getting Nick Brown MP to say vile innuendos about Newcastle Council’s ability to safeguard ballot boxes overnight for a Friday count.

Unfortunately for them they might be acting as King Canutes – just showing  their bully boy thuggish ways and that they shouldn’t be trusted with power.

Let’s just get rid of them – they’re doing our heads in with their self-serving arguments.

Good luck to Ron Beadle in Newcastle North and all in Newcastle East.


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