Posted by: John | January 10, 2010

Why is the `paid liberal intelligentsia` so gutless?

I note that Lib Dem bloggers are praising Will Hutton’s article today and it’s a strong article.

On AQ Polly Toynbee spoke of her differences with Labour and was quite frank about it.

At the end of the day though you can have all these nuances of opinion and call  yourself an `Independent Labour columnist` or whatever.

At the final reckoning there’s a vote and the reasoning for that vote.

I have a friend who just keeps on voting Labour making up all sorts of excuses like `I was going to vote Lib Dem in ’05 only I was cajoled into voting Labour –  being scared of the Tories`. The fact that any fool (including me) told him they weren’t going to win in Crosby was neither here nor there.

Who are these gutless wonders? Would I want them anywhere near a piece of power?

For me it’s the same for Will Hutton and others. It’s no good saying it’s a secret ballot – if you get paid good money to propound beliefs you should put your money where your mouth is. Is it Labour or Lib Dem – and the well-thought out reasoning for your choice please. Not just `I’m a scaredy-cat that doesn’t like change`

Let’s face it thousands of people could have written that Will Hutton article – he’s not THAT special – only one of those thousand may have added the Lib Dem proposals on the Pupil Premium. Now THAT would have set the cat among the pigeons.

What is still lacking is the profound psychological belief that we have a RIGHT to put our case to not only show that we stand competitively with the other two main parties but also are head and shoulders above them. Thing is it takes a little arsey bloke like me to say it!

So wha’dya say Will – how about telling us how that reasoning is going for the most important column you’ll make – that final cross on election day?


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