Posted by: John | January 9, 2010

Dr who?

I see that David Tennant is supporting Labour – this is the same actor who started his career in the 7:84 theatre group so it’s hardly a big deal that he’s Labour. The news though is that someone so intelligent has suchlittle imagination. He states `I’d rather have someone in the room who has the best brains than the one with the shiniest suit`.

That must be a very small congregation – Vince Cable and Nick Clegg obviously weren’t invited.

David Tennant – a tool of the Labour Party.



  1. Most of his comments are versions of “well, Labour are better than the Tories” – they remind me of the old Douglas Adams line about always voting for one of the evil monsters because you don’t want the wrong evil monster to get in.

  2. Much as I disagree with him on this, he is as entitled to decide who he votes for, and for what reason, as anyone else.

    It doesn’t make him a ‘tool’ of anyone.

  3. It depends whether you think his line was fed to him by a spin doctor or not? Surely someone of his intelligence doesn’t realise it’s this either/or situation? Or am I over-estimating him?

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