Posted by: John | January 8, 2010

Can the Party please SPEAK to the activists?

I’m boiling with rage here having just heard `The News Quiz` with a supposed friend of the Party (Sandi Toksvig) saying `In the interest of balance we’ve had jokes about the Tories and about Labour are there any other smaller parties that we can do jokes about. No. What about the Liberal Democrats?`

The real point about this is that we seem to take the abuse in equal measure without the airtime parity – share the bad times and not the good.

I’ve yet to hear from any Party representative (Jon Oates director of general election communications) what’s being done and what he wants me to do. I’ve reached the pinnacle of what I can do as far as emails are concerned (the BBC are probably sick of me or think `oh it’s him again`) and what we need to do is tackle the INSTITUTIONAL DISCRIMINATION by the BBC against our Party.

I could send another email this time about the News Quiz – yet what we’re really up against is a brick wall. It will be up to the producer of that show anyway – and I guess they are not given any directives about balance.

So what we need to do is contact the person IN CHARGE OF ALL POLITICAL CONTENT in the BBC.

Please can someone contact people on Lib Dem Mediawatch – as I’m tearing my hair out and am thinking `What’s the fuckin’ point`.

At the moment we have one party who have started the firing gun (with electoral rules about the election starting NOW) knowing full well that there won’t be equal airtime on policies etc. Yet the BBC doesn’t know how to keep up and lead. Do we know whether the BBC have flicked the switch about this?

Unless of course the only answer is to march on Broadcasting House. Then I think `me and whose army`?


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