Posted by: John | January 7, 2010

Yet another complaint sent to Woman’s Hour

Earlier last year I sent a complaint to Woman’s Hour via BBC website when a discussion with only Lab and Con representatives became a ding-dong party political battle.

Just listening I have sent another complaint:

`On Woman’s Hour there were two political party representatives (Iain Dale (Conservative member) and a Fabian Society representative Kerry Goddard (Labour member) the only other person was from the neutral Fawcett Society. Why wasn’t there a defined Liberal Democrat on the show – Lynne Featherstone MP (equalities representative) would have been a good guest with added value.

This is the second time I’ve made such a complaint about Woman’s Hour – Is there an anti-Liberal Democrat bias on this show?

There was a mention of Nick Clegg yet no Liberal Democrat VOICE.

Whether or not this is technically an election period the starting gun has been fired by the Conservatives. Surely this means that there should be a parity of airtime. `



  1. Well – I wish everyone would complain when they leave out LibDems. And you are right – the starting gun has been fired for the election and the long campaign (ie from Jan 1) means that election expenses have started as they are now limited in the run upto an election.

    The more people do what you have done – and complain, the more the BBC will take note. There have been and are ongoing high level talks going on about how poor the Beeb is at this.

    And thanks for the suggestion!

  2. […] On the 7th Jan I sent the following complaint regarding Woman’s Hour […]

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