Posted by: John | January 6, 2010

`All Lib Dems do is forever wander the streets`

From the OUTeverywhere website (LGBT social networking site) A US citizen living in the UK and in Chorlton (part of Manchester Withington with Lib Dem MP John Leech) said:

my Labour safe seat of Chorlton in Manchester had an 18yr incumbent…unseated by LibDems in the last election at everyone’s surprise. Keith Bradley was a good MP, too. But he didn’t beat the streets. I can’t tell you how many times I saw John Leech out with leaflets. He stopped for a doorside chat at least 3 times (knowing that I can’t vote). Big loss for Labour But Blair just made Bradley a Lord…cuz that’s how it works! :-S

You have to wonder about Labourites attitudes when their supporters on that site said:

Well, to be fair, if you’re an MP, of any party, you have a job to do, and don’t have that much time to endlessly wander the streets.

And if you’re a Labour or Conservative MP, you sometimes find yourself in the governing party, and have even more to do.

LibDems have endless time to wander the streets, as I see them doing all the time.

With friends like this who needs enemies!



  1. It paid off though didn’t it, with an increased majority.

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