Posted by: John | January 3, 2010

Lib Dems – don’t go soft – it’s a war!

Bit concerned that a few bloggers are being too nice to the Red/Blue parties – they’re not endorsing them in any way and are callling them out – the point is why mention them anyway?

Please remember – Electoral politics is simply warfare by any other name. If you give an inch they’ll take a mile.

Think of it like this – years ago you’d have two tribes somewhere and there’d be a contest over land. You wouldn’t catch any of the leaders saying `you’re my best friend – we’re so close to each other – fancy sharing some land?`. No they wouldn’t. They’d as sooner stab you in the back which is what Adonis and Cameron are doing (with a smile on their faces).

So there is no difference in my book.

Going back to the prehistoric analogy – once you had been defeated or rather have had a few of your main people taken out (read PPCs) and you’ve surrendered THEN they’re nice to you and if you’ve put up a big fight they’ll respect you more – also they’ll be worried about revenge so they’d be most accommodating simply for their own survival.

In our case the `niceness` is being done in advance – that’s something to be proud of as it means they are scared of our potential. We’ve worked damned hard to get here and become bolshy with our ideas and policies. Don’t let us drop our arrows now. They’ve got more to lose than us – otherwise they wouldn’t do it.

The truth is more worrying for them – we are very resilient in places where we’re being targetted by the Tories and we are performing very well in our target areas (ie not just our held seats but where we want to gain)

My prediction is that we will have MORE seats after the election –




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