Posted by: John | December 31, 2009

What does 2010 hold for us?

Here are my predictions:

1. The GE will be held on the same day as the local elections

2. The Lib Dems will hold off most of the Tory challenges

3. We will lose one seat in London but gain three others

4. We will hold all our seats in the NW and there’ll be at least one other gain one of which will be iconic

5. The Tories will have a working majority of about 20

6. Although the digital revolution will continue apace there’ll be a rennaisance in phone communication for serious relationships (whether physical or not) as a backlash against people using FB/texting to dump people etc

7. We will gain at least one seat in the NE and another Yorkshire & The Humber

8. We will gain at least one seat in Wales that will have the punditocracy scratching their heads

9. The pressure on the BBC and other organisations to treat the Lib Dems with parity of esteem for broadcasting purposes will continue apace and will be even more effective than at the end of 2009

10. Lynne Featherstone will gain a more senior shadow cabinet role


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