Posted by: John | December 31, 2009

Social networking – will the honeymoon end?

At the moment everyone is Facebooking, Tweeting, and in my case outeverywhereing ( as well as texting one wonders whether the downsides to all this will become apparent in 2010.

I see great upsides to it all not least in my earlier post of people trying to save someones life – although that is an extreme case.

The main benefits I can see are:

Instant communication – good for uprisings and against injunctions

A sense of `togetherness`and organising events

Niche forums

One wonders though – is there a limit to all this? People are starting to decry the old-fashioned phoning and I suspect in ten years time landlines will be a thing of the past (I wager they’re currently kept only because of the nature of ISP bundles, inertia and reception).

The reason why I say this is because I want to start on Twitter. I put a thread on OUTeverywhere and a fanatic said how good it is. I pm’d this person asking whether I could contact him as I could register with Twitter and then he can help me from there. Since he was so fanatical about it.

He then proceeded to give me his @xxx name or some such thing. Noooooooooooooooooooooo! I don’t know what that means that’s why I want to PHONE you. `Oh`, came the reply `you’re not getting my number that easily`.

This led me to think that perhaps social networking or should that be  `faceless` or `non-verbal` networking is causing a LACK OF TRUST between people. OK it might be just this guy (and he had no reason to suspect I had any other idea than to learn about twitter) yet are we in danger of losing the HUMAN VERBAL CONTEXT of relationships? Could it be that that there is a lack of balance and that people will start shifting to phoning more to get the balance right?

I’ve lost count of people now who’ve been dumped by text telling me at OUT posses or on OUT support threads. One last week had someone change his `I’m in a relationship` status on FB with him to saying `I’m in a relationship` with someone else he hadn’t even met!

So I wonder whether verbal communication particularly of the IMPORTANT THINGS in life as well as the less important might not come back in fashion in 2010 to at least balance things up?

ps – I simply won’t have a bf who doesn’t engage in verbal communication two or three times a week – not just texting and or facebooking – for me it’s a dealbreaker. What do others think?


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