Posted by: John | December 29, 2009

How to deal with Tory triangulation

First, don’t panic!

Second, if you are in a target seat keep on working – if you’re an agent in one do more soft con mailings mentioning policies.

Third, if you’re not in one of these sorts of seats then make it a New Years Resolution to get to one. If this is unfeasible do something locally.

Fourth, join Lib Dem Mediawatch and complain to the medial organisations when our narrative isn’t heard

Fifth, and this is a plea to Cowley Street – let’s have a competition as to best anti-Tory leaflets with the onus being on the imaginative and hard-hittingly effective.

Finally, keep on telling people about our policies and that they can cut out the middleman and vote Lib Dem.

Remember – the Tories have to quash both their cultural and political image – they put forward a Priti Patel then a Zac Goldsmith pops up. They ignore policies on cutting taxes for those at the bottom yet are determined to do it for those at the top.

Cut the crap – say it as it is – do it smartly.


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