Posted by: John | December 21, 2009

Now’s the time to keep up the pressure!

I agree with the balanced assessment regarding Nick Clegg by Mark Thompson.

Yet I think the untold story is one of development both in terms of Nick’s performance and the seriousness in which the media take our Party.

Cast your mind back twelve months – since then we have been the biggest gainers at local by-elections, engineered a rare defeat of the sitting Government and have really entrenched ourselves in many diverse communities.

I know (I work in some way for the Party) that as a very critical friend  targetting at a national level has become utterly ruthless and never before (and I’ve been in this party or predecessor parties for 23 years) have we shown such BELIEF in our ability to win seats with the right sort of people.

What do you know about Burnley? Diane Abbott is ignorant enough to think that it’s a hotbed of far-right Councillors. It has just 4 and one County Cllr. It has a Lib Dem run Council and soon may have a Lib Dem MP.

This is never taken up by the BBC – Gordon Birtwistle the Council leader is never interviewed about HOW TO DEFEAT THE BNP – instead the BBC ignore Dagenham and Barking where the BNP may gain power.

That’s why although the news of the debate is great news (as well as the impending balanced reporting) we must keep up the pressure on all broadcasting organisations to get our people on and create a proper balance.

Twelve months ago I thought I was the only one complaining to the BBC about this – now there’s a mediawatch group on the Party’s social networking site ACT with the Party actively asking for progress on individual complaints and taking them up with the media.

That has all happened since January 2009.

Who knows the changes we can bring about by December 2010.


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