Posted by: John | December 14, 2009

Chris Huhne – great interview

I was worried that the BBC would fail to find the third narrative on the non-dom issue. No need to worry on this one – that Lib Dem warrior Chris Huhne came to the rescue – he sees a goal, he shoots, he scores.

What a wonderful way to wake up – at the start of his Today interview.

Now we’ve put forward our amendment (on the issue of MPs becoming non-doms) – which way will the Tories jump?

The real point is that there is still a `born to rule` element in the Tories that Cameron is desperately trying to hide. Part of this is reflected in the Boris Mayoralty – make a load of promises before being elected and if you don’t meet them say `oh shucks, did my best old boy`.

This may have worked pre-present recession – now that assumptions about economics have been thrown in the air people are no longer willing to bow down to `trickle down bumblers` or even `trickle down propagandists` – been there threw away those t-shirts.

Perhaps the recession will hurt the Conservatives more than we think.


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