Posted by: John | December 7, 2009

Democratic Centralism is bad for our economy

On reading Iain Roberts’ blog today it struck me that this is an issue that can give evidence of how our different attitude to governing is necessary to create a better economy.

Cicero’s website `where does Britain go from here?` points out that although this is not enough it is a vital aspect of any recovery plans.

Liberal Democrats believe that there is a clear need for a root and branch constitutional reform of the UK. yet that alone cannot transform our sense of defeat and failure. That is a project that will require the British people to take responsibility into their own hands. The removal of this discredited government is merely the first step towards a policy of national renewal.

However, we do need to get to that point before Britain can have the confidence to reach that different destination. We need to mend our broken democracy.

I never believe that our party can create a nirvana – that’s more for Labourites who think that any problem can be solved if we only create another Whitehall Government agency or puppet quango.

What I like about our Party is that we actually question the questioning rather than just use a complacent framework in which to hang our solutions. One of the main differences between us and the Lab/Con gang is that we seem to have questioning in our dna. We simply don’t believe that everything we read or see is the total truth.

The other major difference is that instead of thinking Whitehall or puppet quangos being the way forward ie `we have a problem let’s fix it by central Government as then we can control it or pretend to ourselves that we can control it` to `we have  a problem is there a way in which Whitehall WOULDN’T be any good at solving it`. Thus, our default is to let go of central power and keep it as local as possible not the other way round. It’s a profound psychological shift.

Thus, as Iain Roberts says, this IT project could have started out as local pilot systems dealt with by local trusts then rolled out to other areas. Once proved sucessful they decided to take a centralised view.

This is indicative of a different mindset – a nimbler approach against a nimbler local one.

This isn’t an academic subject – this has cost the country 12 BILLION POUND!


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