Posted by: John | December 6, 2009

Are the Tories cowards?

Hat tip

Either the BBC are sucking up to them with their tongues firmly up their arses or they are too scared to be alone with front bench spokesmen needing `support`.

I can’t think of any other reason why two weeks running they have two Tory party members (each time one’s in disguise to the casual viewer).

Thing is Vince was worth a 100 Kirstie and whoever that other guy was last week. As for when he asked her `If you’re so much against the Mansion Tax why did your party institute one many years ago?` the reaction was priceless.



  1. Vince himself commented recently that the BBC are terrifed (rightly) of a Conservative government and this is the reason why the Tories are getting a dream run from them.

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