Posted by: John | December 4, 2009

Conservatives and Labour not living in the real world

What an awful advert for both the Tories and Labour this Question Time turned out to be with Vince there.

Many people wonder why there are often two Tories on the panel – well, Vince called Kirstie out on it (`I thought you were on the A-list`) and from then on people would have known which party she was from.

Mind you it didn’t need rocket science to figure it out when she spoke about her 80 year old parents working in a shop sitting on a nest egg of £2m. What on earth for? Why work when you’re 80 and why not just release that money and move elsewhere? What sort of house is it that is worth £2m? I couldn’ t imagine two people rolling around in a £2m house.

I’m sure most people watching the programme would have thought her comments bizarre and just underlined Vince’s point.

It was also when a young graduate called both Andrew Lansley and Kirstie out on the opportunities in the so-called meritocratic society saying that most of the good jobs and internships to get those jobs were from Oxbridge graduates that they looked stony-faced.

People have been decrying Vince lately yet his vernacular was much more in tune with modern Britain than any of the other panelists. I thought Anderson waffled, Margaret Becket was well, Margaret Becket and the two tories were pretty dire.

A gentleman summed it up `The Lib Dems seem to want to take from those that don’t need it to those that do and the Conservatives just want to help the rich and no one knows about Labour`.


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