Posted by: John | November 26, 2009

Cardinal Cormac Murphy O’Connor: He should go

In any other organisation someone that was being investigated by the Police for colluding with active paedophiles with disabled children would be suspended on `gardening leave` at the very least. Why don’t the Catholic Church act and say that what has happened is utterly appalling that their leader allowed a known abuser of disabled children to carry on working including at disabled childrens homes.

If the boot were on the other foot you can bet your bottom dollar (and the Catholic church has many millions) they’d be asking that a politician should have the whip withdrawn. Say for example that it were a gay MP found in flagrante inside the grounds of a Catholic school at night. They’d be hounding the guy.

So why are we so soft on the Catholic Church.

It’s them that castigated Gays as all paedophiles for years – THEM!

It’s time they made a FULL APOLOGY to the LGBT communities and a full apology to the nation.

One thing’s for sure – he won’t be invited to `thought for the day` again!


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