Posted by: John | November 25, 2009

When is it better to NOT have a Lib Dem on telly?

When they haven’t rehearsed what they were going to say even when they’re an expert.

I have to say I cringed at Lord Oakeshott’s performance on the Daily Politics. I’m not saying everyone should be perfect (and we all have our off days particularly me) yet this actually gave LESS value than if he hadn’t had gone on the show.

If the issue is complicated (or if there is a change of direction) the best thing is to state it all at the start and see if there are any questions that the hosts have to put and stick to the first answer like  a crab clinging to a rock. The answers seemed to change by the second and Lord Oakeshott looked terrified at the end of it.

Is there media training for people like Lord Oakeshott?


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