Posted by: John | November 25, 2009

Jo Swinson: Let’s cause a REAL fuss

I too saw the twitter on FB from Jo regarding her being dumped from QT. Does anyone know why? What’s important is that we have both a Liberal Democrat on the show and for the BBC to tighten up its act and not dump busy people 48 hrs before the show.

Also, who is the replacement?

I have written a complaint asking these questions.

The BBC DO respond to well-argued points  – we need to send them pointed questions.

You can do so by going to

If you like, let me know if you have complained.


  1. Replacement is Melanie Phillips from the Daily Mail. I’ve also blogged on this and set up a group on Lib Dem Act here

    It’s also the week that the Govt responds to the Calman commission on Scottish devolution and there’s no unique Lib Dem perspective.

    It’s not right for there to be no Lib Dem 2 weeks out of 4.

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