Posted by: John | November 23, 2009

Labour’s `St Albans problem`

Often our party operates only a rudimentary campaign (if at all) in `black hole seats` – painfully reflected on the web. Labour now face the same problem.

It’s really simple. Activists have their own lives to lead and one half-hearted attempt isn’t going to change anything. More profitable for these people to do the gardening or see the grandchildren. You have to be peculiarly driven to campaign effectively in such places.

Is this phenomenon now happening in places where Labour used to hold sway or even have the MP?

In St Albans there’s a massive issue about First Capital Connect’s commuter `service` into London. Put bluntly, it’s become crap.

Thus, both the Tory MP, Anne Main and our own PPC Sandy Walkington are driving the issue forward through the media positively reflected on the web.

Anne Main’s site

Sandy’s site

What are Labour talking about? Here’s what

Not only are the other sites sharper and easier on the eye they also cover what’s going on right now.

The real message from this stark contrast is that it looks as if Labour have given up in St Albans – the big fight will be between the Lib Dems and the Tories.


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