Posted by: John | November 6, 2009

Complaint to the BBC about bias

I noted that although we weren’ t given a space on QT last night we still had Nick Herbert attacking us without anyone giving a reply. Fine you might think it happens – there’ll be some balance by a non- Lib Dem person putting the Lib Dem case on something else. NO!

Imagine my lack of surprise when on This Week Diane Abbot espoused Lib Dem policy on Glass-Steigel type acts and divorcing retail banking from casino type affairs. Did Andrew Neil say `Vince Cable of the Lib Dems put the same point are you cosying up to them?` NO! When Tom Conti said `no one seems to know what’s happening on the banks (to which Portillo/Abbot agreed! – I mean what on earth was Tom Conti on there for talking about the banks) no one said `Vince Cable of the Lib Dems seems to understand a thing or two`.

Nah, well it’s all a bit of a cosy two-party stitch-up.

I’ve sent in my complaint about This Week and added the point about balance on QT.


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