Posted by: John | November 4, 2009

It’s back to `Backs against the wall, lads`

Oh dear – it’s been alleged on OUTeverywhere (LGBT social networking site) that a BBC radio correspondent (and one of the experts in his field), at an industry do, joked and I’ll quote the OUTer: `The joke came as part of an anecdote about David Coleman where he affected a camp voice several times as the “BBC producer” talking to Coleman, and he said in passing “by the way, if you’re ever in a meeting with a BBC producer and you drop your script, make sure you kick it to the side of the room before bending over to pick it up”.

I wonder what our friend Evan Davis has to say about that?

btw the attendee noted that it didn’t raise many laughs and the person who was the host of his table apologised profusely asking whether or not he had been offended (even though it was nothing to do with him).


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