Posted by: John | October 31, 2009

Are we heading for a multi-party democracy?

Just had a contre-temps with a Tory on OUTeverywhere (LGBT social networking site) dismissing my view that the BNP won’t get any MPs in May/June as complacent viz `It’s attitudes like yours that will allow the BNP through the back door`. I hate this little shit anyway as he never declared his Tory views until it was safe to do so and just shrilly panics about the place.

Anyway, what it got me thinking is that there  are two views of democracy – one that we will be pricking the Tory/Labour bubble to get some more seats and another that we are heading for something different – a multi-party democracy.

The BNP are gaining votes in the `forgotten` places with the `white working class` as they don’t like Labour anymore and although in immigration terms  find the Tories attractive realise that their economic policies default to `doffing their caps to the rich`. This leaves a gap for both the BNP and the Lib Dems.

Could it be that 2% is the natural BNP level of support? That the Conservatives at 40% will be a high water mark. That perhaps we will end up like the rest of Europe – with substantial votes for a fascist party; a hard right party (UKIP); a soft left to hard centre party (Lib Dems); a soft right party (Cons) and a hard left party (Respect)?

Could it be that the authoritarian nature of the Tories and Labour on democratic renewal is simply one of holding back this tide after all? The implications of Tories 40%, Labour 25%, BNP 2%, Greens 5%, Respect 3%, LDs 25% is huge – it would require re-thinking EVERYTHING about how our democratic structure operates as well as our voting system.




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