Posted by: John | October 26, 2009

Street furniture clutter: Someone else wanting new laws

Just listening to someone moaning about too much Street Furniture (apparently it’s a campaign got up by Prince Charles).

His answer: More laws!

Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! One of the main negative things that we can pin the blame on new Labour is this idea that problems would be solved if only there were more regulations and rules from the centre.

Thank goodness that Lib Dem Cllr Richard Kemp of the LGA talked sense by complaining that the Labour Government had forced new regulations on people to ADD to signage – he was suitably emollient about local Councils that don’t always get it right.

I have an idea – if people are so worked up about it let them sort it out locally through their elected representatives and local civic societes.

NO MORE CENTRAL GOVERNMENT REGULATIONS about issues that are largely the responsibility of local people.

Gryf Rhys Jones made this point with his excellent contribution.

The last thing we need is Prince Charles asking for more laws by proxy from  concerned busybodies.


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