Posted by: John | October 23, 2009

Leeds Cllr Beverley: `I don’t hate Hitler`

So you’ve spent  years complaining you’re the `victim of the system` and `never get airtime` and then you get the prime time viewing slot on the  BBC you’ve so long coveted – what do you do with the opportunity? I know, don’t prepare for it properly, don’t come up with cogent  answers to obvious questions and act as slippery as an eel when facing tough questions. In fact, be worse than the politicians you despise.

I thought his contribution was the most non-intellectual un-thought through I’ve ever seen on QT. It was as if the master conspiracy fantasist had come to reassure the troops – yes don’t worry, your conspiracy theories and bar room  half-baked assertions are safe with me.

To cap it all a Leeds Cllr on Five live afterwards was asked whether he hated Hitler. `No, why should I?` came the reply `he was no worse than Alexander the Great`! Err, not many people living were around then Cllr – they would probably have hated him just as much – Hitler is more relevant to their lives.

Let’s put it bluntly – however they try and hide their true feelings they are basically small-time fascists. Come up with a problem they’ll provide you with a simple tiny narrative solution largely built around race.

Wouldn’t it be nice to get that time machine back to the 50s where we didn’t have to worry our little heads about change. Everything was so simple then – we all knew one another – assumed that everyone would be virtually the same. Sure, they’d have their little eccentricities though nothing to frighten the horses. There wouldn’t be any Gays (well we know where they live and they keep `themselves to themselves`) or Ethnic minorities (none of that foreign muck – well ummm errr errr let’s keep the curries).

We kicked the BNP out in Burnley and stopped their progress in Carlisle – let’s just wipe them off the political map.


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