Posted by: John | October 22, 2009

Is the BNP a repository of the psychologically unstable?

One prevailing thought I’ve had is that if the BNP can be kept to its core vote we wouldn’t be having the fuss about them today. It’s clear that the `fascist skinhead` vote has now found a home. Some of the ex-Labour crowd particularly in the North have turned to them although that support is more of a grudge against the way they feel treated by `the London elite`. There are also the cultural minimalists who seem to have a very fearful psychological framework of feeling `we’re losing our culture`. When you pin them down they say they’re losing `their British christian culture`.

Let’s put those people to one side. There are another type that Griffin likes to court – I’ve come across these while canvassing. A student I know said that she was told by someone on her course that he’d voted BNP. He didn’t know why (or any of their policies) except mentioning a load of conspiracy theories. Apparently this student can make a conspiracy theory out of almost nothing and become obsessed to the point of ridiculousness. Is he a `Griffin voter`? Does he look to Griffin as a supreme fantasist and do they need each other? Perhaps these people always been attracted to the Tories and have now have found a new home?

The problem with the BNP is that it is a `feeling blind alley`. At the end of the day people don’t need politicians just saying `we say what you think`. They need politicians who really listen and explain how complicated the world really is. I suppose for the BNP, why let an argument get in the way of a simple story?

Perhaps that’s what a tiny minority of people who are psychologically unstable are looking for?



  1. Of course it is! The True British Indigenous People have become psychologically unstable thanks to Zionist mind control techniques and weather manipulation, amongst other things.

    For the views of the True BNP – not the lies and spin – see our blog.

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