Posted by: John | October 21, 2009

There’s nothing British about the BNP

There's nothing British about the BNP

So far the political world in general has used kid gloves to fight the BNP – with local battles being undertaken by volunteers like `Hope not Hate` and the political parties – most notably the Lib Dems in Burnley and Carlisle and lately Labour in Herts. Now we see different groups, of all political persuasions and none, come on the horizon with viral networking. Let’s hope it flourishes.

The latest is a compelling video from Service Veterans



  1. The Nothing British web site have given the BNP £1m worth of publicity this week, its them who kicked it off this week. And they have also come out of it looking stupid. They are nothing but a bunch of tory toffs who run the site and are not doing it for the love of the armed services.

  2. I’m sure Mr Griffin will be able to say that on QT tomorrow night. After all he’s now one of the big boys.

    What’s the matter? Is the fact that the majority of British people are now taking the gloves off and landing proper punches putting you off your swagger?

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