Posted by: John | October 13, 2009

More news from the NHS `not choose and not book` service

You may remember a post I published regarding this service.

Well, despite all that I received another letter saying `Reminder to book your hospital or clinic appointment` explaining that they thought their records showed that I may not have booked an appointment for your referral.

Perplexed, I called them again asking whether they had a record of my earlier phone call (of about 12 days previous). `Yes` came the reply `just ignore any letters like that and you’ll need to chase it with your GP/Surgery`!

So, not only can the `choose and book` service do nothing more than give me a `choice` of local hospitals of which the obvious answer is the one in my borough (I don’t know what services are like in the different hospitals) it can’t actually allow me to negotiate an appointment time only to pass me back to the surgery!


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