Posted by: John | October 8, 2009

Dannat and Democracy

Now that some Conservatives are `coming out of the closet` it’s amazing how Labour and the Conservatives are so alike. It’s like one set of elites with their own pet ideologies to another.

On OUTeverywhere (LGBT social networking site) there has been a heated exchange regarding the position of Dannat and the Conservatives should he become a minister.

I posited the idea that appointing Dannat as a minister would be highly undemocratic. To whom is he accountable apart from the Prime Minister?

Compare this to local Councils – could you imagine if a Council leader said `I’m going to appoint local worthy xxx to the role of Communities cabinet member as he/she knows so much`. Not only would this be illegal under the Council’s Constitution it would also arouse a lot of mirth and outrage from local Tories.

So questions need to be asked?

1. If this sort of arrangement is so good for Parliament – why isn’t it good for Councils?

2. For all their talk of localism what is the preferred model of the Conservatives when it comes to our democratic structure?

3. Why can’t Dannat simply advise for a fee? The Defence Secretary should be elected like any other minister. Perhaps Westminster also needs a constitution?

I used to worry that the Conservatives would find out our view of localism and steal it. I am now ANGRY that they are debauching democracy in just the same way as Labour.

Red-blue Blue-Red – what’s the f***ing difference?


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