Posted by: John | October 3, 2009

It’s time to bring out the `Liberati`

That name was ineffectually coined by David Blunkett once as a put-down.

I can’ t be the only one that is fed up of seeing two Tory talking heads on QT or to have them presented on AQ – ie always Fraser Nelson, David Starkey etc. Labour seem to have their own people – ie Toynbee etc it’s time to ask for Lib Dem aligned-intellectuals.

I have put my own suggestions on the BBC site (Charlotte Gore and James Graham). It’s time to stop the BBC’s love-affair with the Tories before it’s too late.



  1. Oh god I hope I never get *that* phone call! 😀

    Thank you though, and I do agree – there’s a distinct lack of Lib Dem affliated opinion columnists and other ‘thinkers’ that can represent us. Working on it..

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