Posted by: John | October 3, 2009

Has Farage damaged UKIP?

That’s the only reason I can see why there was such an onslaught of comments to Iain Roberts’ blog.

I always thought that although I disagreed with Nigel Farage he cut a sophisticated and intelligent figure in the political firmament. Not any more.

The problem with his view of democracy is that democracy = anything UKIP wants and its extreme dogmatic views. I’ve no problem with people expounding these views – it’s when they get all sensitive and uppity should anyone try and draw an analogy or point out inconsistencies.

What Iain was saying is essentially that democracy is an organic thing – where peoples views change with circumstance and thought. There are a whole lot of votes that aren’t achieved the first, second or third time for things these days we find innocuous – like not having slavery.

Nigel Farage’s reaction wasn’t a joke – I was watching it live. He seriously believes that he can say that it’s wrong to have a second referendum then say (and let’s face it it’s because the result for him wasn’t `right`) he now wants a third referendum. It’s totally laughable and makes him look very unserious.

To cap it all and I have it on the RTE website (and surely this ISN’T a joke):

UKIP leader Nigel Farage, who called for a `no` vote, compared the referendum to a corrupt election in Zimbabwe or Afghanistan.

Let’s repeat that – an ex-leader of a political party that is a serious force in British politics said that a free and fair election in Ireland was similar to one in Mugabe’s Zimbabwe.

Who does he think the Irish are – thick, easily-bullied or just naive? Perhaps he can explain to the Irish people what he meant by that statement as he DID say on RTE that the Irish were `bullied to vote `yes“.

Perhaps it’s Nigel Farage that is the bully and also thick and naive. Let’s look at the facts:

Higher Turnout (on an old register)

Voting 2 to 1 in favour of `yes` (even with the `yes` campaign handicapped by the charge they were holding the referendum just to get the `right` result)

20% + swings in most constituencies

In fact one `yes` campaigner thanked Nigel Farage for coming from England to tell the Irish how to vote. Apparently, it shifted thousands of votes from `soft yes` and `soft no` to `yes`. Well done, Nigel! Can you head a referendum `no` campaign here?

So instead of the UKIPers moaning and groaning and making excuses can they can just reflect on the result – YOU LOST – THE `YES` CAMPAIGN WON – GET USED TO IT!



  1. If Farage and his gaggle of Brits had stayed at home then things would have been alot closer.

    For this Brit MEP o come over and tell us how we should be running things justresulted in people either staying at home or voting yes.

    Farage just doesnt get itdoes he – we have had hundreds of years of Brit meddlingin Irish affairs.

  2. Presumably on the exact same grounds you think it is wrong for Farage not to want a 2nd go at the referendum you have also written about how a 3rd is right. No? Imagine my astonishment.

  3. It’s up to the Irish people if they want to hold a third referendum (they’ve held more than one referendum on other issues before) by electing a Government that wants one.

    I doubt with 67% of the vote in an increased turnout there’ll be many immediate calls for such a thing.

    You supporting UKIP now, babes?

  4. So the answer is No.

    As a liberal I will support traditional liberalism in any party, which, incidentally includes national independence. Is it my fault that liberalism is officially “too right wing” for the genocide supporting LibDems sweetie?

  5. Please change the very cracked and dust-covered record. Please actually READ THE POST FULLY. Let me say this in words of one syllable – IT IS UP TO THE IR-ISH TO EL-ECT A GOV-ERN-MENT OR ASK THE CURR-ENT GOVERN-MENT FOR A THIRD REFER-END-UM. SHOULD THEY VOTE `NO` THEN THE TREA-TY OF LIS-ON ALLOWS THEM TO LEAVE THE EU.


    I’m not interested in what you have to say about the Serbs – 99.9% of Britain aren’t either.

    Anyone interested in what Mr Craig has to say can follow the link:


    I try not to censor you just cracked records

  7. You are the one who mentioned the Serbs all I said was that UKIP are closer to being liberal than you lot – presumably you have a guilty conscience.

    I can understand why you are not interested in discussing your party’s genocide – I am quite sure that 99.9% of burglars aren’t keen to discuss their crimes with the police & 99.9% of of former members of the SS don’t go out of their way to discuss the Holocaust either.

    On what purports to be the point of your thread if you agree it is right for the EU to demand a 2nd referendum on the treaty of “LIS-ON” it is perfectly right for Farage to ask for a 3rd. UN-DER-STOOD?

  8. I never said it was wrong for him to say that – I just said it was incoherent.

    Let him carry on telling the Irish what to do – after all he knows what’s best for them doesn’t he, in their national interest.

  9. It wasn’t the EU that decided they should have a 2nd referendum – it was the Irish Government.

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