Posted by: John | September 30, 2009

Labour’s pains

If there’s one thing that’s a reality it is the pain Labour will have to go through in the new political age. In reality we are transforming ourselves into a three-party + political system in which Labour will secure its equal place. 2005 was a staging post to this reality. It’ll be most painful for Labour as they will have to fight as hard as the Lib Dems to achieve council seats and MPs.

We’re already reaching the stage in some parts where it’s not enough to fling a donkey with a red rosette at the seat and win as used to happen – where Labour now have to fight for every vote AND provide a reasonable candidate to knock on doors. The things that we see as normal campaigning efforts have eluded Labour in the past and they are fast having to make the efforts that we take as read and normal campaigning behaviour.

This will make them smart and lash out – it won’t be pretty.



  1. By ‘make them smart’ I assume you mean ‘full of aches and pains’ and not ‘become intelligent’ !

  2. Yes!

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