Posted by: John | September 30, 2009

Is it time to go to the barricades?

It is entirely clear that Brown wants to frame the argument into `it’s a choice between two parties: Labour and the Conservatives` and justify having as little leeway for the Lib Dems in broadcast debates as possible.

The BBC must now show some balls and tell him that there will be a minimum of three people on a panel or there won’t be a debate.

Should they cave in and allow a Brown/Cameron debate we will have to make a decision – do we allow ourselves to be screwed over or do we fight? Whether that is by emails to the BBC or actually demonstrations outside Broadcasting House etc?

I for one am tired of all the energy it is taking to simply gain the publicity that we deserve in a 21st century democracy.

We need to use the argument `Why is it ok to perpetuate a political duopoly when it wouldn’t be allowed in the consumer marketplace?`

The only limitations we have are those that we put on ourselves. You see I  hear it every week on the ground. Where we represent ourselves with literature, letters, phone calls and doorstepping (mind, it has to be ALL those things to actually win) in target areas that Ipsos/MORI poll that put us in second place isn’t a surprise. We achieve at least 30% canvas with strong candidates anyway in those areas.

So what’s holding us back? Time, money and media access – that’s what. Remember, the lower limit of 18% in the worst opinion polls is the AVERAGE that includes places like the middle of Glasgow as well as our heartlands. They don’t even factor in the extra votes through our target constituencies that possibly add on 1%.

Where we work the public like us and are deserting Labour and joining new Clegg/Cable voters who are erstwhile non-voters. Call on behalf of a succesful and well-regarded campaigner/cllr (sometimes backed up with a well-respected Lib Dem Council) and people are enthusiastic for the change we propose as they see it reflected in that person and their arguments.

So, let’s not cow-tow to the old democratic colonialists of Brown/Cameron and DEMAND our voice so that the PEOPLE choose and not Brown/Cameron.

Say it loud and clear – NO to the present rules at the BBC that don’t allow equal airtime except at election times and NO to debates at which we are locked out.

If we don’t say it, who will?


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