Posted by: John | September 28, 2009

Charlotte Gore is absolutely correct

There – didn’t think I’d hear myself say it even though I straddle both wings of this Party. Our tax proposals are our most important policy.

Although I disagree with her generalist sentiments regarding tax ie that cuts of it are always per se a good thing (surely having a health insurance policy only without an NHS would disbenefit the lower paid by a huge amount?) it is true that this policy illustrates our stance in  simple and clear ways:

1. Shows we are on the side of the lower paid (fairness)

2. Shows that we want to make life simpler

3. Shows that we want to compete against the Conservatives in target seats

4. Shows that we want to compete against Labour

5. Shows we understand the dignity of work and of `standing on your own two feet`

6. Shows that we believe that those on lower paid can have aspirations too (for instance the money saved can go on a training course to achieve a job with better pay)

7. Shows that we appreciate the efforts of those that don’t want to can’t aspire to greater heights and that their jobs are important too.

For these people it could mean whether or not they can have that holiday (Spain this year? Nah, I’m exploring Turkey)  or spend more on leisure activities.



  1. If you actually look at the overall budget and what proportion is spent on Health and Education, you wouldn’t be remotely worried about there being enough slack to cut spending without impacting either of those things 🙂

  2. But yes, it’s nice to be in agreement with virtually everyone for a change hehe.

    Having said that, I don’t think sticking up for one group over another is ever a good thing. Fair, for me, means treating everyone equally, not treating people differently to try to make things equal.

    Starting off with the greatest injustices in our system make sense, but I think their has to be a gradual move away from special interest politics, of parties representing niche demographics.

    Phew, sorry about the comment spam :0

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